Resorbable Collagen Membrane

Ordering Information

The OssGuide(Resorbable collagen membrane) is a biodegradable collagen membrane derived from porcine pericardium certified by a veterinarian and is purified to prevent immunologic reaction.


OssGuide is designed for the paitents who have bone defects and need the Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) treatment so the further treatment, such as dental implant or fixed denture can be possible. OssGuide has a porous and fibrous microstructure that is hydrophilic and prevents the ingrowth of fibrous tissue into the bone defect. OssGuide is sterilized by gamma radiation.


  • TG-1 Size: 15mm x 20mm
  • TG-2 Size: 20mm x 30mm
  • TG-3 Size: 30mm x 40mm

Advantage of the Product

Better Handling

OssGuide has excellent tensile strength and thus, it can enable better handling properties for tear resistance in surgery than other products.

In addition, OssGuide can perform excellent adaptation to surface contour due to fast hydration and excellent flexibility.

Better Stability

OssGuide facilitates an excellent maintenance in the body with slow resorption. OssGuide provides a prolonged barrier function of more than 3 months compared to B product.

Better Tissue Integration

OssGuide has high porosity and specific surface area, which support excellent blood supply. This enables OssGuide to perform optimal regeneration of bone and soft tissue.

OssGuide ensures a significantly lower incidence of soft tissue dehiscence due to natural collagen structure compared with other available membranes.