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Pano / Ceph / CBCT /CT impression scan

20×20 FOV

3D Virtual Patient

Smile Design

Digital Facebow

Free FOV

Image Quality


*Availability varies by county and its regulation. Item may be optional or not available. Contact us for details.

Various diagnostic value with Cephalometric images

Highly advanced a-Si TFT built-in sensor deliver high quality images less than 1 second.
The visible light guide helps to reduce unnecessary X-ray dosage from 8×8 to 33×33 different image sizes.

Patient safe and easy operation

Used for FOV positioning assistance.

Provides a visual guide of the area to be scanned, limiting unnecessary exposure to your patient.

Wireless remote control

Non-directional wireless remote control facilitates your patient positioning easier than ever.

CT impression scan

A breakthrough innovation in digitizing patients’ dentition without the need for any additional optical scanning devices.

CT scan directly digitizes your impressions without angular errors in full arch scan.

Clinical Applications

All-in-one scanner for every clinical specialty

RAYSCAN S provides accurate diagnostics for treatment that can be applied to all forms of digital dentistry.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Airway Analysis

Impacted Teeth