Leepac Dental – BioTex Non-Resorbable PTFE Suture – High Quality Dental Product


Biotex™ | PTFE (PFOA Free) Suture | Minimal memory, No tangle, and Superior handling 

Biotex™ Non-Resorbable PTFE Suture is comprised of a single-arm, non-resorbable monofilament suture with a stainless-steel surgical needle connected to the suture. The suture is uncoated, undyed and sterile for single use only, composed of 100% PTFE.



• Minimal Pain
• Advanced Tissue Healing
• Superior handling
• Easy to tie – Easy to remove
• Nonwicking : elimination of bacterial wicking
• Maintains tensile strength
• PFOA free



• Bone grafting procedures
• Periodontal surgery
• Guided tissue regeneration
• Ridge augmentation
• Implant surgery
• Soft tissue grafts



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