Leepac Dental – Gingival Retraction Cord | Smartcord X – High Quality Dental Product


Smartcord gingival retraction cord is a non-impregnated knitted cord made from 100% cotton and used for tissue displacement and management prior to taking an impression.

Smartcord is ideal to use in combination with RapidStatM hemostatic agent. The knitted cord contains numerous interlocking chains that carry greater quantities of the hemostatic solution compared to twisted or braided cord.

100% Cotton
Smartcord is made of 100% cotton, which is safe and makes moisture control effective without gingival irritation.

Knitted retraction cord
Smartcord is available in a specially knitted type cord made of the finest 100% cotton, which has better absorbency and expansion than the braided or twisted types.

No Fluorescent Whitening Agent
Smartcord is dyed with hydrophilic dye without fluorescent whitening agents, which makes it safe to use without any side effects.

Extended length
1 20inch / 305cm, over 20% longer

Smartcord is available in 5 diameters identified by different colors




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